$ 0.2198


Capitalización de mercado:

$ 9 519 596 362

Volumen (24h):

$ 1 268 566 387

Suministros Circulantes:

43 310 265 523 XRP

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XRP is a digital token for making transactions, created by Ripple. Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system with its own cryptocurrency, which is not analogous to Bitcoin, because it does not use traditional blockchain. It is constructed on gateways, a feature which is similar to banks. The cryptocurrency was developed by Ripple Labs in 2012 as an effective technology, which can become an alternative payment method. Nowadays, Ripple Labs is in constant negotiations with large banks on integrating the technology. The difference of XRP from BTC is that it is not mineable: developers issued a total of 100 billion tokens, keeping 65 billion in their hands. 1 XRP token can be divided into 1,000,000 of drops. Along with extremely low transaction fees of 0.00001 (10 drops), Ripple is the cryptocurrency with a lot of prospects. When the system is under attack, fees grow until they start to burn the assets of a hacker, which does not affect regular users in any way.

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