Instructions for market makers

You should contact technical support as soon as possible. We will try to lock those funds, if it is possible, and return them to your wallet.

Please contact technical support, we will check everything and find a solution. You can also contact a buyer personally via chat and send Bitcoin to the buyer’s address.

No. We are not responsible for this. Choosing a payment system or bank is your responsibility, you must understand and take all the risks, related to this. 

You are required to have at least 0.01 BTC to activate selling ads. There is no minimum deposit required for buying ads. 

Yes, there are. Lower limit is -50%, upper limit is +50%.

You can post up to 10 ads at the same time.

You can find it in the "Wallet" section.

You can find them in the "Exchange" section. 

No, you can trade only Bitcoin. However, you can buy or sell altcoins in our app at any given moment. Open the “Exchange” screen and select an altcoin to buy or sell. 

You can have up to 3 active deals.

Yes, you can. Please visit our website and log in using your login and password from the app.

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