Instructions for market makers - Page 2

Click the “Settings” button on the main page and find this option. Please remember, that your nickname can only be change once.

You can open a dispute after 15 minutes from the start of a deal. Click the “Open a dispute” button and wait for a moderator, that will resolve the dispute. Disputes are resolved in chat. You can send images to chat. 

Your ads can be automatically deactivated if you do not respond to two buy or sell requests. Manually refused requests do not count as not responded. Your ads can also be deactivated, if the upper limit of your active ad exceeds the amount of Bitcoin in your wallet.

You can set up browser and app notifications. Notifications in Totalcoin app are automatically enabled, so you just have to give the app permissions in the operating system of your smartphone. You can also enable web browser notifications, by clicking “Settings” on the main page. ATTENTION: IF YOU DO NOT SET UP NOTIFICATIONS, YOU CAN MISS INCOMING TRADE REQUESTS. YOU MUST RESPOND TO AN INCOMING TRADE REQUEST IN 5 MINUTES, OTHERWISE YOUR RATING WILL BECOME WORSE.

You can delete an ad when you edit it. Open the ad you want to delete and click the “DELETE” button to delete this ad.

You can activate or deactivate any of your ads when you edit it. Open the ad you want to activate or deactivate and click “ACTIVATE” or “DEACTIVATE” button. You can activate or deactivate all your ads in the main menu by clicking “ACTIVATE ALL ADS” or “DEACTIVATE YOUR ADS” respectively. 

You can set pricing for your ads when you create or edit your ad. You can either choose a fixed price and put whatever price you want, or you can choose a “Fee” option and set a percentage to the current exchange rate of Bitcoin. Percentage can be negative and fractional. As the base exchange rate we take the best current exchange rate from Binance or Poloniex. 

You can specify terms of the deal in the “Additional information” field, when you create or edit an ad. 

You can create an advertisement by clicking the “Create ad” button on the main page. Then you will have to choose a type of your ad, payment method, price of 1 BTC, upper and lower limits. 

You can change your currency at the top of the main page. Click the button “Change” and choose your currency from the dropdown list.


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