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Relest is an auction for the rental of real estate. Landlords create ads, and tenants put rates on the rental of this property. In addition to the function of submitting auction lots, it is possible to submit a normal advertisement. The platform consists of a site and applications for Android and iOS. The system includes the functions of calculating the travel time from the rented property to the necessary geolocation of the tenant (for example, the place of work), calculating the optimal price for real estate (based on data analysis), 3D room photos, a personal office for exchanging service receipts and a chat between the landlord and the tenant , as well as other functions. My account and chat are available by subscription. The platform will provide the opportunity to pay rent of its own crypto currency - REST, which can be converted into a Fiat on the card and back in the personal account. For operations with fiat will be able to bind a bank card, and the exchange will be provided by integration with the crypto-exchange. The advantage of the platform is payment with the help of REST - without commissions, unlike bank transfers.


20,000 ETH


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1 ETH = 10000 REST


20,000,000 REST

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Start date: November 25, 2017

End date: January 26, 2018

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