Nouriel Roubini: Bitcoin to Cost Zero

February 7, 2018

Prominent economic expert Nouriel Roubini makes predictions in Twitter, Bitcoin rate is going to drop to zero.

Roubini is among the world’s most competent economists, he is renowned for having predicted the 2008 world economic crisis and got a nickname Dr. Doom afterwards.

Bitcoin rate has sunk more than twice over the last month, on the 6th of February it fell below $6000 even during the day. Roubini believes, it is not the limit and the worst is still to come.

“As expected Bitcoin now crashes below $6000. Now the $5K handle is reached. <…> HODL nuts will hold their melting Bitcoins all the way down to ZERO while scammers and whales dump and run...”, Roubini wrote.

The expert adds, some crypto market participants will set about mock trading now to maintain BTC rate. This type of fraud implies a trader buying and selling cryptocurrency for its own orders which allows for manipulating the market. Roubini takes the view that CFTC and SEC are going to scrutinize the matter.


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