Crypto Community Is Fooling Facebook

February 7, 2018

Earlier this month we reported, that the largest social network in the world Facebook has implemented a new policy that prohibits ads of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. However, its users are still coming across crypto ads. How? Because crypto community is bypassing these new rules. 

A founder of a cybersecurity startup called Comae Technologies Matthieu Suiche posted in his Twitter a screenshot of a crypto ad he found on Facebook. He also figured out how this might have happened.  

Suiche tweeted:

"This is ridiculous. Ads are evading new Facebook rules against crypto currencies, and ICOs by misspelling them. "BlTC0lN" with L and Zeros."

He attached a screenshot of this ad to his tweet. It showed link to an extremely suspicious article called "MUST READ! Don’t Invest in BlTC0lN Before You Read This." This link was also clickbaiting, because it mentioned Google, although the corporation has absolutely nothing to do with this ad. 


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