Bitcoin Cash Expecting Two Grand Improvements

February 8, 2018

Despite an intensive and dramatic way Bitcoin Cash has made in six months only it still has got some problems to be resolved and matters to be improved. There have been a couple of rather exciting challenges presented aimed at making Bitcoin Cash more secure and reliable.

First, there is BUIP084 solution. Made some weeks ago it has already turned into a helpful supplement to Bitcoin Cash systems.

Most wallets have integrated coin split-up at hardfork yet there hasn’t been some specific manual for users who prefer other ways to keep their funds. BUIP084 finally introduces such manuals that also cover the matters of splitting BCH from Bitcoin balances with cold storage without influencing BTC.

Second, there is BUIP085 which still requires fundamental review. Double spending is a major concern for the crypto world. So BUIP085 is focused on double spend retransmission. That alert system would allow for traders to learn when they are at the receiving end of double spending attack. Detecting these transaction would be impossible until net nodes intensively transmit this information.

To put this proposal into action, developers need to create a Bitcoin XT-compatible double spend retranslation system. What is more, all GUI wallets will require a notification for the information transmitted.

The both proposals will make Bitcoin Cash more secure than ever before.


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