Taiwan Uses IOTA for Identification

February 12, 2018

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan province of China, enables IOTA Tangle technology to develop citizen identification system, as Wei-bin Lee, the member to the Department of Information Technology, claimed.

Taipei authorities together with local Start-up BiiLabs are planning Digital Citizen Card project. As the creators see it, each Taipei citizen is to get their own Tangle-based personal card. The users are supposed to get state and medical services for it. The card will be protected from unauthorized access.

“We'll be starting with related applications for Digital Citizen Card that can be used as a platform. We also seek to boost the authentication and integrity checks for municipality-to-municipality/institution-to-institution data exchange (such as medical records)”, Lee stated.

The commissioner has added, the city is open for cooperation offers which would additionally stimulate the development of “smart city”-concept in Taipei. It is remarkable that besides Digital Citizen Card there Tangle-based data market and micropayment system projects are also underway.


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