Results of the Day. Back to the Correction. 02/12/2018

February 12, 2018

Changes (over the weekend):

BTC $8,715

ETH $858.33

XRP $1.04

BCH $1,267.20

Technical view.

BTC support level is $7,750, resistance level is $9,000.

BCH support level is $1,200, resistance level is $1,350.

ETH support level is $780, resistance $900.

XRP support level is $0.9, resistance level is $1.15.

In case of breaking out the resistance levels, it is possible that the short-term correction of the falling term will continue. However, it is still to early to talk about a full reversal.

Technical picture is not favoring the possibility of the growth of cryptocurrencies. The most likely scenario is still the continuation of the falling trend.

In case of the growth, the most interesting cryptocurrencies for buying are XRP and BCH.

In case of continuing of the falling trend, BTC and ETH are the most attractive ones for opening a short position.

Maximum target of the fall is $400 for ETH and $2,000 for BTC.


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