Microsoft to Revolutionize Blockchain

February 13, 2018

Microsoft company will make use of Blockchain technology to settle problems of managing personal digital data. This is the core idea of the article called “Decentralized Digital Identities and Blockchain – The Future as We See It” by Alex Simons, Director of Program Management. The company is intended to apply blockchain technology which is the basis for Bitcoin and Ethereum for decentralized identities (Decentralized ID, or DID). This would allow for users to control their identities and reputation and create verification means in Microsoft Authenticator. The company has opted for blockchain as it is able to provide security, personal control and independent access.

“After examining decentralized storage systems, consensus protocols, blockchains, and a variety of emerging standards we believe blockchain technology and protocols are well suited for enabling decentralized identification”, Microsoft reports.

As the company representatives see it, blockchain is the very system to ensure safe information storage and regaining control over personal data single-handedly.

Many critics used to claim earlier, blockchain-based recognizing systems are extremely expensive and almost unscalable, yet Microsoft has eliminated all technical obstacles.


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