Market Review. Results of the Day. Recovery. 02/14/2018

February 14, 2018

Changes (24h):

BTC $9,260

ETH $913.67

XRP $1.056

BCH $1,322.90

Technical analysis.

XRP trading volume has continued to decline today and the price of the cryptocurrency has been moving up slowly but surely.

It’s high time for volatility to grow and to help the price break out the level of $1.05

However, one should take into consideration that if the price dropped by 80% in a month, then the quick recovery is unlikely.

XRP support level is $1, resistance level is $1.05.

Hold your breath and look for entry points in the range from $1 to $1.05. Growth potential is $1.50-1.60.

Risks are minimum when the volatility is low.

If the price breaks down the level of $1, then the scenario will be cancelled.



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