Apps With Coinhive Miner Downloaded Over 100 000 Times at Google Play

February 18, 2018

Sophos, a British company dealing with informational security matters, has released a report with a study of Google Play apps possibly containing mining scripts. As a result, the company’s experts have found 19 malwares for Android with the infamous Coinhive miner.

Coinhive is a cryptographical script which when being built into the site code allows for Monero coin mining using hardware of numerous users visiting affected resources.

In this case the miner functioned as follows: a user downloaded application with the malware on their device. After setup and launch the program set mining software on using default Android browser WebView. In some cases cryptocurrency mining took place without opening browser in the background.

The most of apps found are not widespread yet include, for instance, extreme.action.www.wrestin app with downloads number varying from 100 000 to 500 000 .

On the moment the report was published Sophos had filed a complaint for these apps to Google with all malware programs being removed from the store by the moment this article is written.

Remember over 4 200 governmental sites worldwide have been subject to hacking attack with the Coinhive miner being integrated into their code.


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