Buterin Advised Not to Invest Everything in Crypto

February 19, 2018

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has once again decided to warn investors and traders and advised them to be cautious towards cryptocurrencies. Buterin recommended to invest in crypto the amount of money, that is affordable to lose.

He tweeted

"Reminder: cryptocurrencies are still a new and hyper-volatile asset class, and could drop to near-zero at any time. Don't put in more money than you can afford to lose. If you're trying to figure out where to store your life savings, traditional assets are still your safest bet."

However, he did not elaborate which traditional assets are the safest bet. 

Vitalik Buterin has repeatedly expressed his concerns about the obsession of traders in the cryptocurrency market. In December last year he said that he was disappointed with the fact that traders exaggerate the price aspect of crypto assets. Buterin believes that cryptocurrency market speculators are hindering the development of the industry itself. 


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