Survey: 64% of Germans Know About Bitcoin

February 19, 2018

German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom) has conducted a survey about Bitcoin and found out that almost two-thirds of German citizens have heard about the cryptocurrency. The total of 1009 respondents took part in the survey. 

According to the results, 4% of respondents said that they bought bitcoin and 19% said that they are considering buying the cryptocurrency. 72% expressed their disinterest in bitcoin. The report states that most of the uninterested Germans says that the lack of knowledge on how to actually use BTC in everyday life as well as the high volatility of the cryptocurrency are the main reasons why they are not interested in buying BTC.

Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder admits that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are economically significant and will impact the global economy.

He stated:

"Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a good example of how the digital age is able to change the financial world. This is not so much about the individual currency itself as it is about the underlying blockchain technology. It will have an impact on the whole economy."

It's worthy to note that the level of awareness of German people about bitcoin has significantly grown since the 2016, when it was 36%.

A similar survey was conducted in Japan last year, and its results showed that 88% of Japanese people heard about Bitcoin.


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