Qtum to Launch Satellites for Easier Mining

February 20, 2018

Qtum together with the SpaceChain startup has announced works at launching a CubeSat microsatellites series. The project’s point is to intergrate blockchain technology into Raspberry Pi microcomputers for creating efficient mining machines.

According to Digicomist website, for the last four months world power consumption figures for bitcoin mining have risen by more than 56% and make up almost 47 terawatt-hour (which comprises about 0.21% of overall electricity consumption). In terms of money miners have spent $2.3 bln during this period.

Unlike the most of other digital currencies Qtum does not require high capacities for mining as the coin technologies allow for mining on any PCs used today. Its initiators have taken actions towards developing the project’s strengths and are planning for Qtum to be mined via Raspberry Pi using validating space-located CubeSat nodes.

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized microcomputer. While being initially designed as a low-cost device for studying the basics of programming, this single-board computer has gained popularity in almost every field of human life from personal use to scientific development.

The Qtum’s representatives are assured, given space nodes launched miners won’t need expensive ASICs anymore and, what is more, they will be able to mine currency irrespectively of state regulations. They also voiced hope, this is the way Qtum will acquire universal popularity.


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