Cyber Security Company Head Predicts Long Life for Cryptocurrencies

February 20, 2018

The head of Shark Tank, the world’s major company supplying cyber security services, Robert Herjavec has claimed, cryptocurrencies are soon to be subject to regulation by many countries yet they will stay on for quite long.

The IT-expert believes, the matter of global cryptocurrency regulation is likely to come true: as long as the laws are getting established the currency price will rise rapidly at first yet decline afterwards. Thus, Herjavec is convinced, Bitcoin may reach up to $20 000 in the shortest time:

“It’ll take out that high, I’m saying it right now”.

Speaking on the problem of digital currency security, he claimed, cryptocurrency platforms do not have proper security having reminded of the recent Coincheck hacking. But, on the contrary, the very operations with coins are highly protected.

As for the future of blockchain, Herjavec shared his ideas of using the technology in the next 10 years:

“I will walk somewhere and a sensor will automatically know it’s me, the sensor will be linked to my bank, it’ll know how much money I have, I’ll pick up something like at the Amazon store, it’ll automatically be scanned, and as I leave, it will automatically be verified and paid for”.


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