Hackers Imbedded Mining Script Into Microsoft Word

February 23, 2018

Security department employees from the Israel company Votiro have claimed, hackers have built in cryptojacking scripts into new configuration of Microsoft Word. Fraudsters use them to get access to computing capacities for Monero cryptocurrency mining.

Hackers added embed-code to a video which could be imported from Internet into the text file. When user plays the video embedded Internet Explorer browser window opens which triggers cryptocurrency mining.

Votiro members have reported, there already was a case when miners managed exploiting up to 99% CPU capacity for their purposes. By all means, the video must be played repeatedly for as long as possible to gain large profits. Hackers may also pick up videos for users individually for higher efficiency. But if user closes video immediately, criminals won’t make profit at all.

Word has got no filtering so far, so one has to check cautiously accepted Word files with embedded online video links for CPU capacities not to be exploited by hackers.


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