Bitcoin Robbers Detained in Taiwan

February 26, 2018

Local cryptocurrency trader in Taiwan who wished to sell a part of his bitcoin assets for cash was entrapped and attacked by “would-be buyers”.

One of the criminals contacted the victim and said he would acquire some bitcoins yet in person. When the trader and his friend came to the meeting point they saw a group of three men. After robbers made sure the trader had bitcoins on his account, they beat them up and made the trader transfer 18 bitcoins. In addition, to make this all look like a drunken brawl rather than robbery the victims were forced to drink lots of alcohol.

Some people passing noticed the thrashing and called the police. As the officers came one of the attackers was seized immediately with the rest two soon afterwards. In the course of investigation the fourth one was detained, he was not present at the crime scene yet was the head for it.


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