Top 10 ICOs of January 2018

February 27, 2018

January 2018 was not as filled with projects as December of the last year. Nevertheless, our team could not leave you without the monthly top of the best ICOs.

Let's start with numbers and stats:

  • The overall number of ICOs in January: 138, 15% less than in December 2017
  • 44% ICOs completed successfully (collected soft cap and more than half of the hard cap)
  • Total amount of funds raised during ICOs: $1,367 billion
  • 62% of the total amount of raised money falls on the top 10 ICOs
  • 23 ICOs collected their hard cap in less than a day




Possible patterns and trends in the ICO market:

  1. As you can see, the huge amount of raised funds does not guarantee profit. Only 3 ICOs are presented in both lists. What is the reason? There is a tendency on the market to decrease the hard cap to $20-30 million. Investors began to understand, that new projects do not need huge funds to realize their ideas, and the organizers of projects are forced to play by investor's rules.
  2. ICOs with relatively low hard cap (less than $30 million) are becoming more and more profitable. Why? Because hype level around top ICOs is much higher than the amount of released tokens. Therefore investors, who failed to get tokens during ICO, go to exchanges and buy these tokens there, increasing their price.
  3. KYC and whitelist are no longer indicators of the quality of an ICO. Almost everyone has them.
  4. Top ICOs collect their hard cap in a day. Sometimes in minutes.

* ROI (return on investment) is a financial ratio that shows the level of profitability or loss of business, given the amount of investment made in this business. It is calculated as the ratio of the current token exchange rate to the exchange rate of the token during the ICO.


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