Ubisoft Exploring Blockchain Use Feasibility

February 27, 2018

Major French video game producer Ubisoft is now looking into possible use of blockchain in its Strategic Innovation Lab that studies new technologies and use cases they offer.

As the Lab's director of trends and insights Lidwine Sauer told, Ubisoft is peculiarly interested in blockchain capability of assigning specific property for digital elements.

“Thanks to the blockchain, we can now have the equivalent of a digital Picasso, with the advantage that it's a lot more difficult to steal something on the blockchain than to steal a Picasso”, she noted.

As a result, she clarified, blockchain also provides higher protection of creative property.

One of blockchain use cases for Ubisoft refers to unique DLCs distributed by the game producer and normally containing add-ons like graphic changes and new gameplay features. Still, the Laboratory sets sights high for blockchain-based apps other than DLC.


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