Online Retailer Launches Blockchain Accelerator

March 2, 2018

One of the giants of Chinese internet market, an e-commerce company Jingdong ( has announced the launch of accelerator for blockchain technologies called AI Catapult.

The accelerator has begun to work since March. It's main goal is the support of prospective startups working with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Startups are provided with opportunity to apply their solutions on JD's websites. AI Catapult is specifically focused on such characteristics of solutions as scalability, security, privacy, efficiency and the level of energy consumption. 

Vice President of AI Platform and Research Division Bowen Zhou stated:

"JD is in a unique position to explore the potential of AI and blockchain in global commerce. We are excited to work with some of the world’s most innovative startups to explore ways we can scale these cutting edge technologies for the future of retail and other industries, as well."

Last year, Jingdong in partnership with Walmart tested blockchain technology for the supply chain management and food tracking.


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