IBM Corp. Is a Leader of Blockchain Industry

October 14, 2017

IBM Corp. Is a Leader of Blockchain Industry

Blockchain technology is on the radar of a number of tech corporations – and IBM is leading the way. These results are demonstrated by resent  studty of Juniper Research, CNBC informs.

According to the interrogation, 40 percent of tech executives and leaders in the blockchain sector have given their vote to IBM, placing the company in the top in the field of blockchain.

Microsoft has taken the second place, it has got 20 percent of the votes.

In August IMB Corp. announced a new initiative launching, where a series of grants and creation of blockchain indoctrination programs would be provided. It would respond to the great demand for blockchain professionals.

At the same time, the IT- giant has taken charge of a new blockchain consortium, its main activity is optimization and control of chain of deliveries and other tasks that are relevant to distributed registry technologies. The consortium consists of the world-famous store chain Walmart and famous foodstuff industry companies, such as Unilever, Nestlé and Dole.


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