VeChain Announced Partnership with Oxford University

March 5, 2018

China’s blockchain company VeChain entered into contract with the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University in the frame of collaboration at the VeResearch project. Its purpose is developing VeChain Thor platform designed with the Microsoft “Blockchain-as-a-Service” test model (BaaS) at its basis.

The institute will be in charge of calculations and checking mathematical proofs for operation models in Thor environment as well as of scaling researches. In addition, the university’s employees will be improving the platform’s smart-contract system.

“VeChain always seeks top academic partners. Oxford is no doubt the top of the top. My personal take is blockchain technology had been developed over the years among more and more computer genius and professionals, however, we see very few people from academies emerge into this space over the past few years”, as VeChain’s Chief Researcher Peter Zhou noted.

Thus Oxford University has become the second academic partner to VeChain. The first one was Michigan State University that contributed to the project’s environment.

It is to be noted that the German car manufacturer BMW has also joined the VeResearch project.


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