SBI Holdings Investing into Cold Crypto Wallet Manufacturer

March 6, 2018

SBI Holdings, the financial department of the Japanese group of companies SBI Group, has invested into a company producing hardware cryptocurrency wallets without Internet connection which are also known as cold wallets.

On March 2 SBI Holdings announced acquiring 40% of shares of Taiwan company CoolBitX that manufactures cold crypto wallets. Note that in February the company already got $500 000 and claimed the funds would be spent for future development of produced devices with the purpose to enhance range of its activity in blockchain security domain.

Amount of investments SBI made to CoolBitX is kept secret. This has become another company’s step towards investing in blockchain. Remember, SBI Holdings used to claim in October it planned go in for mining of popular cryptocurrencies with the view to extend its footprint in this industry.

It is also worth mentioning that it was only 2016 when SBI announced plans for launching the first crypto exchange in Japan backed by bank. But amid reports on Coincheck hacking SBI claimed the launch is put off.


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