Iceland Police Investigating Case of 600 Stolen ASIC Miners

March 6, 2018

Icelandic police is carrying out investigation of mining device theft case. According to Associated Press, from December 5 last year to January 16, 2018 up to 600 ASIC-miners have been stolen..

11 people were arrested in the course of the investigation with the country’s security officer among them. Two of them are currently under detention by Reykjanes District Court yet the role they played in the crime remains unclear.

Total cost of all devices stolen is assessed at $2 mln. As the country’s authorities say, until that moment Iceland had never seen so well-planned and large-scale crimes.

“Everything points to this being a highly organized crime”, as police commissioner Olafur Kjartannson said.

Remember, that Icelandic government was considering taxation for mining earlier.


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