General Electric Into Blockchain Consortium

March 6, 2018

American corporation General Electric (GE) joins a blockchain consortium via one of its division.

The company’s transportation department announced on March 1, it became another member to the BiTA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance) consortium. The purpose of the latter is developing standards for using present day technologies in cargo transportation.

GE thus became another major company to join BiTA with FedEx, commercial post shipper, UPS and logistics department of Chinese Internet commerce company having done so earlier.

The GE’s media release says, the company has joined BiTA with the view to exploring possible prospects of blockchain technology use in its line.

“As GE Transportation extends its capabilities into the broader supply chain, we're connecting partners and customers at every node and across multiple modes. We look forward to bringing our applications to BiTA as we collectively seek to leverage the potential of blockchain across the industries we serve”, claimed Laurie Tolson, the chief digital officer at GE’s Transportation division.


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