Bitcoin to Overthrow Slave System of Central Banks

March 7, 2018

Former Chief Strategist to the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump Steve Bannon has told at the event in Zurich that cryptocurrency and blockchain could enhance capabilities of modern companies by taking control from central banks and giving it to them.

Bannon told that the world is currently in a state of "a new serfdom", therefore people should use cryptocurrency in order to cease to be slaves to the regime and earn the true freedom.

The politician accused governments, central banks, and giant companies of depriving ordinary people from their identities and rights and using them for their own mercenary purposes. 

Bannon has been travelling across Europe and does a speaking tour after the right-wing coalition has won the Italian election. The former Chief Strategist usually speaks a lot about cryptocurrency and blockchain and how these technologies may help the right movement in Europe.


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