Market Review. Results of the Day. A Pause

March 13, 2018

BTC $9,100.34

ETH $687.49

XRP $0.770460

BCH $1,066.50

Technical analysis.

The market took a pause today. The volatility has been low throughout the day. Prices has declined by an average of 2%.

The technical picture remains the same. Yesterday's scenarios are still relevant. The most likely movement on the market for the near future is a downward one.

As long as BTC price is below the resistance level of $9,500-10,000 one should not expect the growth. One can start opening short positions below the support level of $8,750.

News review.

  • The world's first bitcoin monument has been installed in Slovenia.
  • Thomson Reuters announced crypto investors’ sentiments indicator
  • NEM (XEM) has raised by 15% in 24 hours, thanks to the start of refunding by Coincheck exchange. The exchange has also reopened some operations. It was also reported that hackers successfully laundered 50% of stolen cryptocurrency.
  • The global regulation of cryptocurrency will be discussed at the G20 Summit 2018. Japan will urge other participants to take serious steps towards this regulation, but this is highly unlikely, because G20 members have different approach towards cryptocurrency.
  • Famous cryptocurrency blogger Bitfinex'ed and a lawyer from Washington, D.C. have united against Bitfinex and Tether.
  • Binance is developing its own blockchain called Binance Chain, that will underpin the decentralized version of Binance exchange. BNB token will become a part of this system. It's price soared by 25%.


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