Playboy to Develop Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

March 15, 2018

Playboy Enterprises has announced that it is developing an online wallet for users to pay for the content of the magazine and games. It is expected, that the wallet will be released before the end of the year. 

Chief Commercial Officer of Playboy Enterprises Reena Patel told is the press-release:

"As the popularity of alternative payment methods continues to grow around the world, along with the reach of Playboy's digital platforms, we felt it was important to give our 100 million monthly consumers increased payment flexibility."

This is the most recent attempt of Playboy to adapt to the changing conditions of the online market, which previously was not so easy for the adult magazine. In 2015 the company decided to stop publishing nude photos of models in its print magazines, which had been appearing in them since 1953. However, the magazine eventually cancelled the decision in 2017.

Playboy plans to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies, including Vice Industry Token (VIT). This is a token of a decentralized blockchain platform that monetizes adult videos and rewarding viewers for watching these videos.


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