Chinese Company Uses Blockchain to Detect “Digital Pirates”

March 15, 2018

Chinese company ZhongAn Technology has applied for a patent to develop a Blockchain solution aimed at protecting copyrighted audio-visual goods against illegal distribution in the Internet. The claim was posted at the official website of the China's State Intellectual Property Office.

“The development of internet has made it easy for illegal distribution of digital content such as movies and music even after parties have purchased the license from content creators. When such content gets republished after being copied, it's hard to find out who has initiated the unauthorized sharing”, as the application run.

The new blockchain solution enables defining customer’s ID at website, process information about their purchases, store the data in blockchain and assign unique hash to them. Thus if user wants to upload the media item he had bought to public access the system will find the user via hashing function.

Remember, another technological company Huawei has also applied for developing its Blockchain-based solution quite recently.


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