Market Review. Results of the day. Feel Fall

March 15, 2018

BTC $8,118.90

ETH $599.99

XRP $0.66504

BCH $908.41

Technical analysis.

The situation at the market remains extremely negative. BTC has been falling for the tenth straight day.

Today, the level of $7,800 acted as a support level. The price jumped from this level to the previous support level of $8,400. This level is now the current resistance one.

If the price breaks down $7,800, then the target of the fall is $6,800.

This BTC's price drop was accompanied by the biggest trading volume since February 23.

Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) looked better than the rest of the market today.

News review.

The number of cryptocurrency investors in Indonesia may outrun the number of stock investors

US is concerned about El Petro and thinks that rogue regimes may use cryptocurrency to skew financial sanctions.

Playboy is developing a cryptocurrency wallet.

Several days ago Google decided to ban all crypto ads in June. Today the lawsuit was filed against the company. 

Three South Korean exchanges are under scrutiny. Their employees are accused of the embezzlement of user's funds.

People from international sanctions lists will not be able to participate in Telegram ICO.

Bithumb partnered with Bitpay on remittance service.




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