Puerto Rico Likely to Become New Crypto Center

March 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency industry tends to get located in specific countries with local conditions favoring its development. Puerto Rico may join those, as the country’s government has claimed to plan this.

Puerto Rico's Minister for Economic Development and Commerce Manuel Laboy has declared, the agency is to from a council aimed at developing blockchain business in the country. The government is also ready for offering tax benefits to these companies.

Laboy told this at the Blockchain Unbound conference held this week in the Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. As he put it, everybody will just stand to gain from attracting innovational companies to the country and added, that to date only one out of fourteen blockchain developer jobs finds its person with appropriate qualification level.

Prominent cryptocurrency “bull” Brian Kelly, who gave some bits of advice on making a crypto portfolio lately, believes, Puerto Rico has got a potential to become attractive for crypto industry thus competing with Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.


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