Market Review. Results of the Day. Weekly Minimum

March 17, 2018

BTC $8159.81

ETH $598.84

XRP $0.67113

BCH $971.59

Technical analysis.

Yesterday, the market slightly corrected. However, trading volumes fell to the lowest level since the beginning of the year. The main trend remains the same. Prices returned to weekly lows.

Bitcoin is forming the next continuation pattern called flag in the range of $8,000-$8,500. The support level is $8,100, the resistance level is $8,500. The target level in case of breaking down the support level is $6,500.

Bitcoin Cash looked better than the rest of the market yesterday.

News review.

Cryptocurrency fraudsters in Australia disguise as tax authorities and demand bitcoin from citizens. More than $50 thousand have been stolen that way.

Bitmain moves to the United States. The company has already purchased land in the state of Washington. The decision is caused by Chinese authorities.

Puerto Rico government believes that the country can become the new cryptocurrency center.

The founder of PayPal believes that bitcoin will become the only cryptocurrency in the world soon.

Rumors: Ban of ICOs in South Korea may be lifted.


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