Study: Americans Go Cold on Cryptocurrency

March 19, 2018

Recent research by shows, most of adult Americans are not interested in Bitcoin, altcoins or ICO tokens. In practice, less than 8% of the respondents have invested or plan investing into cryptocurrencies.

The figures are obviously telling, why investing into cryptocurrency won’t break logjam. As the researchers say, the primary reason why people do not pouring funds into this new form of money is that they have no interest in it. This is rather worrying as it shows cryptocurrencies still fail in producing some tangible effect as both currency and investment tool.

High risks the new asset has as well as complicated idea of how it all works are huge drawbacks for most of the pollees.

No surprise, there are people who remain convinced that cryptocurrencies are primarily a fraud, though the number (17.97%) is lower than expected. This could have been caused by lack of understanding how cryptocurrencies work.


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