Sky News: Twitter to Ban Crypto Ads From April 1

March 19, 2018

A British television channel Sky News reported that a social networking service Twitter plans to ban all cryptocurrency related advertisements from April 1 this year. Representatives of Twitter have not yet given any comments.

It is worthy to add, that earlier this year the most popular social media in the world Facebook implemented similar measures and banned crypto ads. Moreover, search engines Google and Yandex have also announced the plans to ban these ads, starting from June and the fall of this year respectively. 

Obviously, the main reason behind this decision is the growing frequency of cases, in which fraudsters deceived users of Twitter and stole cryptocurrency, For example, in March criminals completely copied the profile of Tron Foundation's founder Justin Sun and defraud users to send them cryptocurrency. Later, other fraudsters bluffed users by creating fake Vitalik Buterin account and stole tokens.


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