Visa: Bitcoin is Money for Fraudsters and Corrupt Officials

March 20, 2018

Visa’s financial director Vasant Prabhu voiced his damnatory view of cryptocurrencies having claimed, “every crook and dirty politician” uses them.

“With a currency issued by the Federal Reserve, I know who stands behind it. Who’s good for the money? Who the hell knows?”.

Prabhu has claimed, cryptocurrency assets are inextricably related to the underworld and expressed his disapproval of enormous popularity they enjoy.

“It’s very hard to get dirty money through a banking system. Cryptocurrency is phenomenal for all that stuff… Every crook and every dirty politician in the world, I bet, is in cryptocurrency”, he added.

Prabhu noted, he is often grilled about his views of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and continued, Visa will be actively countering any attempt of money laundering in the system.

In January this year Visa’s CEO Alfred Kelly refused recognizing Bitcoin a payment means and claimed, the company will not process cryptocurrency payments.


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