Market Review. Results of the Day. Ascention

March 20, 2018

BTC $8821.86

ETH $552.46

XRP $0.69934

BCH $1,054

Technical analysis.

Bitcoin continued its climb today. The price break out from the continuation pattern triangle. The maximum target of this pattern is $9,600.

The resistance level is $8,900, the support level is $8,500.

IOTA performed better than the market, while Ethereum and Ripple worse.

If the growth to continue, then one should buy the leaders (BTC, IOTA). If the market reverse, then it makes sense to open short positions in biggest losers (Ether and Ripple).

News review:

United States imposed sanctions on the cryptocurrency El Petro, that was created to skirt US sanctions.

Ministry of Finance of and Central Bank of Russia agreed that ICO tokens can be exchanged on fiat and physical property.

Lightning Network client announced by Stellar in 2015 will be released in April.

Binance has listed NEM (XEM), the cryptocurrency has grown by almost 15%.

Visa: Bitcoin is money of fraudsters and corrupted politicians.


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