Bitcoin Rate Passed $9 000

March 21, 2018

On March 20 Bitcoin rate has risen beyond $9,000 after recent correction when the cryptocurrency price sank by more than 65% compared to its max level of $20,000.

BTC dropped by 50% on January 17, things got worse for Bitcoin holders in February. That was the first time since the end of autumn when the BTC price made up $9,000. In February it went down to $5,600 which hit like a bombshell on the market, but by the end of the month the rate recovered and got back to $9,000 level as a result of measures taken by SEC.

The so called “come back” of BTC revived hope and confidence for both traders and investors. To date it is yet unclear for how long the price will keep at the market.

It is to be noted, however, there is an upside for Bitcoin holders: on March 20 the G20 Summit participants opted for non-tightening of Bitcoin regulation but just making it equal to assets instead.


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