England Soccer Team's Former Striker Invested into Cryptocurrency

March 22, 2018

Former England’s player Michael Owen recognized as the Europe’s best soccer player in 2001 has joined cryptocurrency investors, as he told CNBC.

Michael Owen has invested into a Singapore’s project Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) that holds itself as the world’s first crypto exchange for celebrities.

GCOX’s purpose is profiting off of transaction fees. To date the start up is at its initial stage and privately collects investments from prominent people with legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao among those. The project’s heads will announce the date of ICO later in the second quarter of 2018.

The platform allows for celebrities issuing personal coins and holding ICO as well as selling goods and services for coins. Michael Owen believes platforms like that establish direct connection between stars and their fans.

Owen is aware of cryptocurrencies being volatile and claimed that “it's always important to associate yourself with what you consider the best teams at the time."

“The world evolves, and I think sometimes you've got to be brave. As I said, when you associate yourself with the best, then I think you can eliminate most of that risk”, he continued.

Remember, English soccer club “Arsenal” has entered into partnership agreement with cryptocurrency start-up Cashbet. Within these frameworks the project’s token will be advertised on the club’s stadium.


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