Market Review. Results of the Day. Down Again

March 22, 2018

BTC $8,600

ETH $530.58

XRP $0.641

BCH $1,003.80

Technical analysis.

Today, the cryptocurrency market continued to fall. Ether and Ripple are once again the leaders of the fall.

Bitcoin has reached the support level of $8,500. Ether has also reached their support levels of $520 and $0.62 respectively.

It is preferable to continue playing short on Ether and Ripple.

If one want to buy, BTC and BCH are good options.

The resistance level of BTC is $8,750, BCH's is $1,020.

 News review:

Details of one of the most serious bugs of Ethereum smart contracts has been revealed. The bug occured on Coinbase exchange in December and it allowed users to receive unlimited amount of ETH. It has been fixed.

Parliament of Canada discussed cryptocurrency. Crypto entrepreneur Jonathan Hamel asked to deal with obvious scams.

Bcash has been pronounced scam
Central Bank of Japan warned Binance, because the exchange does not have a license to operate in the country. It forced the market to go red, BTC fell below $9,000.

Twitter CEO: Bitcoin to become the one global cryptocurrency of the Internet

Google is developing its own blockchain.

Elder brother of a drug lord Pablo Escobar is launching own cryptocurrency called Diet Bitcoin (DDX).



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