Market Review. Results of the Day. The Fall Continues

March 26, 2018

BTC $7936.52

ETH $471.09

XRP $0.57862

BCH $890.97

Technical analysis

Today we can observe prices for the main cryptocurrencies keep on falling down as a long-term trend with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash at the lead of it.

A number of transactions in Bitcoin network continues reducing. Trade volumes start rising as prices drop.

Bitcoin today has broken down the support level of $8,000 to hit $7,800 and $7,400 marks. Provided successful outcome the next target is $6,000.

Ethereum has broken through the traders’ psychological barrier of $500. If the price does not get back higher than this, traders are likely to increase price pressure. Given the current trend the next target is $400, $300 and finally $200. The reverse of the price from the support level of $400 provides chances for growth to the resistance level of $600-700.


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