Toronto Stock Exchange Launches Crypto Broker

March 27, 2018

TMX Group, the owner of Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), has announced launching a broker platform for cryptocurrencies. As the company’s officials say, the service is to be available through its affiliated enterprise Shorcan Digital Currency Network with banking services rendered with assistance of one of the leading banks of Canada, Bank of Montreal.

TMX Group will afford its would-be customers ground for trading BTC and ETH. The exchange’s owner added, the broker service is a product of team work of TSE with Paycase Financial Corp start-up which is engaged in developing decentralized financial services.

“As the first ever public crypto brokerage desk by an exchange, this deal represents the true institutionalization of cryptocurrencies as an asset class… [This project is] the first major bridge between the crypto world and the traditional financial markets”, Joseph Weinberg, Paycase CEO claimed.

The subsidiary company’s President Peter Conroy added, partnership with Paycase will allow for setting benchmarks for cryptocurrencies basing on data from the world’s leading crypto platforms.

Remember, early December last year the Canada Central Bank’s officials released a report to consider feasibility of issuing state cryptocurrency.


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