Artist Concealed $13,000 in Crypto in His Works

March 27, 2018

Andy Bauch has presented his works made of LEGO-bricks with crypto wallet keys codified there. Cyphering algorithm used by Bauch has produced a number of patterns the author exploited while creating his “pictures”.

Each work is a visual demonstration of private key to a crypto wallet. Anyone can decipher the visual formula and thus get access to the precious cryptocurrencies.

In 2015 @coin_artist has exhibited his work before the public which presumably contained bitcoins to the tune of $50,000. The viewers had only to decode a link to the wallet. Known as “The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto” the puzzle remained unsolved until recently when someone finally made it and emptied the wallet on February 1, 2018.

While preparing to his latest project, Bauch acquired some bitcoins, litecoin and other currencies and hid it in various wallets. After that he cyphered private keys with algorithm that generated a vast number of images. So Bauch picked the most esthetically acceptable out of them.

Bauch said, his work is primarily aimed at bridging a gap between the new technology and the mankind. He likes LEGO as a means of creation, as building up bricks pretty much resembles highly ramified pixel decomposition. Bauch also uses LEGO brick to create another series of portraits for people with duties replaced by machines.


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