Market Review. Results of the Day. A Lyrical Digression

March 27, 2018

BTC $7914.61

ETH $455.54

XRP $0.57966

BCH $889.30


Technical analysis

Prices of main cryptocurrencies did not change much today. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash were worse than the rest of the market.

Bitcoin has stopped in the range of $7,800-$8,200.

Ethereum has continued to decline to the target of $400. ETH has been falling for two and a half months, without any serious correction in the past month. 

Lyrical digression.

The prices on the cryptocurrency market are at the level of November 2017. Everybody who did not buy Ethereum last fall for $400 and then for $700 has received the second chance. Although, for some reason there are no hurry. It is understandable, because from the psychological point of view it is much more comfortable to buy when you expect to earn fast on a rapid growth, when you see that the prices are growing. However, the prices are halved from the point of the start of the crypto euphoria and decreased threefold from the all time highs, and this is the high time for cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to make weighed decisions. Everybody who believes in the bright future of cryptocurrency are bound to buy now, otherwise they have nothin to do on this market. You afraid that the price may fall to $200? Then put aside the half of your money and use them later to buy Ethereum for $200. Good luck with your crypto investments!

News review:

Payment service LitePay by Litecoin has ceased operations just a month after the start. Founders of this project promised that it will revolutionize the industry, but due to the problems within the project and with card issuers it was forced to close. 

Developers of Monero updated the code of the cryptocurrency to protect in from centralization. The decision was caused by Bitmain, that announced the launch of a new ASIC miner capable of efficiently mine XMR.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most popular cryptocurrencies with millenials. 76% of them would prefer to buy BTC over any other digital currency.

Toronto Stock Exchange is launching a cryptocurrency broker.

Twitter has officially banned crypto ads.

The head of one of the most famous hacker groups Cobalt was arrested. In five years, these hackers stole from $1.2 billion from banks and converted it to BTC.

Coinbase to add support for ERC20 tokens in a couple of months.



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