Binance Users Receive Phishing Mail

March 29, 2018

As The Merkle publication reports, some users of Binance exchange as well as some participants to the recent ICO received quasi-official mails from the service. As they say, the platform’s technologies have been improved successfully and the customers are offered to do the so called “ERC20 token import”.

Fraudsters asked the users click on the given link and enter their Ethereum wallet address. When following the link user gets to a completely replicated copy of Binance site at different URL.

In its official Twitter account Binance has warned the users against the threat, saying, this is nothing but a fraudulent trick to steal funds from personal wallets and urged them to never uncover private keys.

On March 7 the rumors of Binance hack spread all over the net with funds of the victims being suddenly converted to Viacoin. As further investigation has shown, the situation was caused by a popular trading bot that used API-keys to connect the platform.


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