Almost 40% of Britons Unaware of Cryptocurrency

April 1, 2018

Great Britain has again confirmed its status as the most conservative state of the EU.

Given GB is moving towards blockchain and cryptocurrency almost 40% of the country’s population has never heard about this technology.

According to the survey that included twenty questions on the topic of high-tech and was held by the cloud platform intY about 36% of the pollees out of 2,000 England’s citizens are unfamiliar with the notion of “cryptocurrency”. On top of that, 41% of respondents believe, blockchain is a term for chain of toilet tank.

Provided all this the company has launched educational campaign with the view to increase citizens’ awareness in the cryptocurrency industry. For this purpose “Dictionary of Computational Technology” was released, it includes 45 terms of financial domain. Craig Joseph, CEO of intY, says, the work may promote cryptocurrency and grasp the idea what contemporary technological sphere is about.


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