Major Points to Be Considered at G20 Summit in July

April 3, 2018

As was claimed earlier one of the main topics at the recent G20 Summit in Argentina was cryptocurrency regulation. Some specific proposals on regulation for this industry are supposed to be presented this July so now it is urgent to monitor closely all related fields and events especially those ones that are likely to impact positively virtual currency legitimacy.

Here is a list of basic points put forth at the recent G20 Summit:

  1. Cryptocurrency regulation is inevitable, yet it is about regulating, not banning them with taxation feasible;
  2. The G20 governments admit, economics today is inefficient and are ready for new solutions;
  3. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have to be accepted and adopted;
  4. Europe to take the lead in the process of regulating crypto industry outside G20;
  5. There is a need in effective crime prevention system.

Despite Europe striving to be at the head of this process, as the fourth point says, the upcoming summit will discuss the matter of crypto market self-regulation within single states.


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