Bitcoin to Cost $70 Thousand, Says Bitfury Vice Chairman

April 3, 2018

Executive Vice Chairman of a blockchain company Bitfury has said in his Twitter that the price of BTC will increase tenfold from the current level. 

Kikvadze noted that experts say today that bitcoin in in a bear market now with the price of $7,000, but at the same time he convinced that the price will soon reach the level of $70,000, while the experts would continue to say the same things.

He tweeted:

"We are in the $7K-$7,5K range and experts pronouncing bitcoin in a bear market. Mark my words - there will be a day when we are in the $70k-$75k range and we shall see repeat of this pronouncement."

Earlier Kikvadze has already published vocal statements. For example, he called BCH supporters clowns and fools, and urged Elon Musk to sell Tesla cars for bitcoins.


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