Market Review. Results of the Day. Falling of Interest

April 2, 2018

BTC $6978.23

ETH $383.50

XRP $0.48604

BCH $661.80


Technical analysis

Nothing has changed in the cryptocurrency market over the weekend. Bitcoin was trading in the range of $6,000-7,000. Ethereum was in the range of $370-410.

Volatility of the market is declining, and trading volumes are at the lowest levels since the beginning of the year.

There are no premises that the falling trend would change, even less chances for the reverse. The level of interest to cryptocurrency declines against this background.

News review

According to a study conducted by a cloud platform intY, in which participated about 2,000 citizens of the United Kingdom, 36% of respondents are not familiar with the term "cryptocurrency". Moreover, 41% of respondents believe that blockchain is the second name of the toilet tank with a pull chain.

New mining rules for Ethereum are coming, rewards for finding a new block to be reduced from 3 to 0.6 ETH.

Apparently, in the process of large-scale renovation of Ethereum, the award of miners will be reduced from 3 to 0.6 ETH.

John McAfee claimed that Ethereum in indispensable for the cryptocurrency industry.

He also noted a strange connection and tweeted:

"Here's what I find funny: Ethereum is trashed more than any currency, and yet no currency is more necessary and central due to It's smart contract platform that is used by more than 50% of all new altcoins. It's like everyone values water, but not the containers it is carried in."


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