Market Review. Results of the Day. Spring

April 3, 2018

BTC $7433.45

ETH $406.95

XRP $0.52794

BCH $713.27


Technical analysis

The spring has come to the cryptocurrency market today and painted it green. Leaders of the growth are Litecoin (13.95%), Dash (11.02%), and NEO (10,36%)

The trading volume of Ripple has significantly risen, and the price increased by 8.6%. Now XRP is trading above the resistance level of $0.52. The next serious resistance level is $0.56. If the price breaks out from the current resistance level, then it is safe to pronounce the start of a short-term growing trend.

Bitcoin's support level of $7,000 has stood. After several unsuccessful attempts, bears calmed down and gave up. Now the cryptocurrency is trading above $7,200. If the price breaks the resistance level of $8,000, then one can expect the continuation of a short-term growing trend to the level of $9,000. If the price goes even higher, then it can possibly move up to $12,000, and a medium-term growing trend lasting several months can begin.

News review

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency fell by 59% in Q1 2018.

Cryptocurrency hedge funds lost 23% in first there months of 2018, while in 2017 they added more than 1000%.

Lamborghini sold all time high amount of cars in 2017. It's worthy to remind that some cars can be purchased for bitcoin, and the demand for these cars increased by five times. 

In hotels of the city of Kaliningrad during the FIFA World Cup, fans will be able to pay for accommodation with cryptocurrency.

According to rumors, IOTA to become an official partner of UBER.

IT-giant Cisco intends to apply blockchain technology in the project for the creation of secure secret group chats.

One of the largest brokerage firms of Japan Monex acquired a recently hacked cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck for several billion yen.
Only the technology and the platform will remain the same, while everything else will change: from the name to the staff.

Bitfury Vice Chairman George Kikvadze predicted that BTC will cost $70,000 soon. 


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